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Alicia’s own experiences transitioning to a new life overseas became the catalyst for her work with other expats, migrants, and world citizens. She brings a rare understanding of the challenges facing her clients together with years of experience and education as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Alicia is a firm believer that
anyone can settle,
succeed and thrive anywhere

Since 2016 she has helped expats and emigrants shake disillusions about living abroad, and overcome barriers to build a thriving life in their new surroundings. She provides solid, evidence-based counseling to break down the barriers that prevent people and businesses from thriving globally and to use technology to scale her solutions worldwide.

How she grew over time


Alicia Partee is a highly innovative, uniquely skilled professional with high-level leadership skills and exceptional organizational and talent development.

Professional Background

Over twenty years of experience leading projects and teams at Fortune 500, startup, and non-profit companies in Silicon Valley. Experience encompasses designing and building organizations and infrastructure to support the purpose and vision. Entrepreneurial approach to creating, organizing and implementing ideas, new organizations and major projects on time and within budget. Recognized for keen business insight and expertise for translating concepts into action.

After a successful career transition, she became a licenced Marriage and Family Therapist. She worked with the Santa Clara and Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, assessing, diagnosing and treating mental illness, before starting a private practice in Norway.

Her most recent work is focused on the development of women through her work at the Professional Women’s Network, Oslo. There she designed and implemented international mentoring programs. After the launch of the mentoring workshops, she moved into the role of the president where she led and coordinated the strategies for the continued growth of the network.

In addition to this work in women in leadership, Alicia is also focused on employee engagement, specifically of those on overseas assignment and how she can help increase retention and assignment completion rates.

Alicia has a background in Information Systems and holds a Bachelor of Science in Leadership from the William Jessup University, USA. She has also completed a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, from the Western Seminary.

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