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Lets face it together


We're in this together

I am sending this to all who are affected during this turbulent time. We know that you may be feeling isolated and worried about what will happen and how you and your family, friends or colleagues will cope with rapid changes.We understand as many of us are experiencing the same rollercoaster of emotions.It is important during this time to stay emotionally healthy and engaged at home; balancing your mental and physical health. This may be easier said than done. So we want to help and take action!

We Want to hear from You on how we can support you during this time.Feel free to send any follow-up questions,suggestions or ideas on how to better serve our community.Take care and stay safe.

Black lives Matter

Let’s be bold to stand for ourselves and for what we are.It takes time to understand that we are what we are and we are our own identity.Rascism plays a major role in not defining color but equality.Our families and friends are affected by the current scenario and let’s us stand by them and support their needs.Talk to them, listen to them and let them cry their heart out. I’m always willing to lend my hand to those in need.Most of us go through a tough situation of not blending with the society without feeling guilty.It’s natural and here, you can open up about the societal pressure or anything that weighs you down due to rascism.

Not Everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced   – James Baldwin

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