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Alicia Partee—Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor, Speaker & Author.

“I am a firm believer that anyone can settle, succeed and thrive anywhere. Since 2016 I have helped expats and immigrants shake disillusions about living abroad, and overcome barriers to build a thriving life in their new surroundings”.

– Alicia Partee, Marriage and Family Therapist & Thrive Abroad Expert
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Alicia proudly helps clients create more love, happiness, and success through marriage counseling and relationship coaching, life coaching, and individual therapy. Hear what clients have to say about their journey with Alicia.

I started to meet Alicia mid-2018 face to face but we moved to online meetings in 2019 for different reasons. Alicia helped me, our marriage and our family to deal with the stress when having kids. Her advice made me a better mum, wife and co-worker. I’m so grateful for her presence, generosity and flexibility. 2019 turned out to be my best year so far in my marriage. I recommended her to my best friends who are also super happy with the advice they’re receiving from her. So give it a shot, you won’t regret it!


I chose to trust Alicia Partee with a big project in Philip Morris International. We are the world’s biggest tobacco company, with top working standards and highest expectations. Ever since our first meeting, I knew Alicia is the person I was looking for: competent, responsible, serious and passionate about her work. After a few months of working with her and observing the project’s gradual growth and success, it is safe to say that her input was crucial to get Philip Morris where it wanted to go. Alicia has an absolutely priceless knowledge and skills, her reports are always to the point, she keeps her deadlines and puts an extra effort to understand the bigger picture. But there is also another side of the business, which is often forgotten by professionals – the human aspect. I have to say that it was a true pleasure and big learning for the whole team, to be able to work with someone as passionate about people as Alicia is. She is a hybrid between a high professional and a wonderful person. If you ever get a chance of working with her, you are not only in for meeting a trusted business partner, but also a warm, funny, open, good human being!


In May 2017, I moved back to Norway after studying and working in the US for 4 years. The transition was quite tough for me, but 2 and a half years of workshops on thriving no matter where life takes you and resilience with Generation Mobility and some therapy, I am finally finding my feet. What I really loved about the workshops was having listened to my challenges and issues, helping me name them and then talking through both theoretical and practical solutions I could use to get my head and life into a better space. I couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing and supportive space to help me with this journey.


Every family has a unique balance of harmony. Through Alicia’s guidance, we were able to understand how our roles as parents can guide our children to be thoughtful and reflective. She took the time to get to know us and our challenges. She was available for us when these challenges got overwhelming and empowered us with tools that are beneficial to our evolving family dynamics.


With Alicia’s help, I have managed to set, identify and articulate boundaries to protect myself from an abusive wife. I can only explain it’s like being in a deep forest. You can lose your sense of direction when tracing there without a guide. Seeing the signs and patterns is the first step. This takes time and is crafted in conversation as Alicia. Without a sense of direction in one’s self, you feel truly lost. With direction I found I grew in self belief. Dared to believe I was worth more. Deserved more. And now due to Alicia’s patience and in enlightening questions, I am out of the forest. Traveling free and light in my soul. Along a country lane, to a destination of my choosing. Alicia has the tools you need, all you have to do is to want and be willing to embrace the unknown with her. Journey well, my friend.


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Alicia is an established author and is excited to announcethe launch of her new book this summer where she explores life’s transitions and how to navigate them with grace and clarity.

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